Monday, December 29, 2014

Burrus Tests their Corn Hybrids on ALL SOIL TYPES so they can be Winners on Your Farm!

Take a look at the performance map. The green pluses represent locations where the product yielded above the mean of the plot. The red minuses are locations where it was below the mean. Overall, across the corn belt, this product performed slightly above the mean with 17 of the 30 locations above the mean. Now look within the circle, representing the Burrus/Hughes footprint. Here this product was above the mean 11 out of the 15 locations. It is an excellent product for us to commercialize. The national brands are looking for products that can be used over wide geography, rather than the best product for a smaller area.

We have an extensive testing program that is used to identify the best products for our footprint. We have areas with high organic soils and areas that have more stress prone soils. We test on all soils, while competitors focus on black soils so they can have low coefficient of variation numbers. We routinely utilize the best techniques to analyze data and are expanding our plant density studies to fine tune our Crop Optimization Planner.

Our production techniques are more meticulous than the competitors. Quality is not something you stamp on the bag when you apply seed treatment. Studies have demonstrated up to 18 bu/a more performance out of the highest quality seed. That is why we meticulously grow our own seed. Whether it is spraying Liberty® or Roundup® with our hooded sprayer to remove any plants that are carrying the desired trait, or double graviting and color sorting every unit, Burrus cuts no corners. And then we apply our PowerShield® seed treatment package for optimum stand establishment and it adds yield.  

The map illustrates 30 plot locations across the Midwest. Those plot locations with a green plus sign show the test hybrid above the mean. Those plot locations with red minus signs show the test hybrid was below the mean. At Burrus/Hughes we focus on hybrids that provide exceptional performance in our footprint. Consequently, we commercialized it. Today it is outperforming the national brands.

End of the Year Note on Deductible Expenses from Tom Burrus

Looking for deductible expenses before the end of the year?  Anything that is charged to your credit card counts as a deductible expense on the day it is charged, rather than the day the credit card is paid.  Some might use this to straddle the year end.

At Burrus, we don’t care what date it says on the check, we just need a postmark on or before Saturday, January 10, 2015, to receive the 9% Early Pay Savings discount.  So, if you want to date your check December 30 and not mail it for 10 days, it is ok with us, as it may be a benefit to some.  Please be aware that in order to count as a deductible expense, you must have the funds in your bank account to cover the check(s).  Thus, if you are out of cash, the credit card is another option.