Sunday, May 11, 2014


Test plots have two purposes: to identify new products that should become commercial and to predict the future of performance in various environments.

 Some of the big companies have begun to use “mini strips” as they feel they are better predictors than two row replicated testing. Often they are four to eight rows in width and are harvested within center half of the rows, thus reducing plant height differences of the neighboring entries.  Usually these plots are from 40 to 100 feet in length.  Burrus began using these “mini strips” 27 years ago!  Yes, they are more accurate in predicting the future performance! We call them Preview, DATA, Mini and Micro plots.  Each has a different protocol, but all use this multi row plot design.  The amount of test seed determines which plot style is employed. (courtesy of Tom Burrus, owner of Burrus Hybrids)

Below are some picture of Preview plots being planted throughout Illinois and Missouri, thanks to the help of Burrus Agronomists, RSM's, and Dealers!
Planting a Burrus Preview Plot with: (from left to right) Dennis Mueller, Burrus RSM; Lou Zabol, Burrus Dealer; and Stephanie Porter, Burrus Sales Agronomist)

Planting the Burrus Preview Plot near Princeville, IL with Larry Montgomery (Burrus Sales Agronomist's father), who is checking to see if all the seed has evacuated from planter boxes).

Planting Burrus Preview Plot near Avon, IL with (from left to right) Dick Burns, Burrus RSM; and Andy Schmalshof, Burrus Dealer.

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