Monday, May 5, 2014

Update From Tom Burrus about Kinze® 4900 Electric Drive Prototype Multi Hybrid Planter Research

We are headed to the 14th farm today to plant with this Kinze® 4900 electric drive prototype Multi Hybrid planter.  It has 2 seed hoppers, one for each of two different hybrids.  Power Plus® 6P71AMX™ is an offensive hybrid that response to good soils and high yielding situations.  The second is Power Plus® 6F74AMX™ and it excels in stress situations extremely well.  So the concept is to plant the “offensive” hybrid on the better soils and the “defensive” hybrid on the lighter or more stress prone soils.
At Burrus we have a computer program called the Crop Optimization Planner (COP) that identifies every soil type in a field.  We have over 3400 soils rated by productivity in our system, thus we can know which of the two products should perform best on each soil.  Consequently we switch hybrids and adjust the population as the planter moves across the field and across the various soil types.  We look forward to seeing the yield results this fall.  “While we feel confident that we can create a yield increase using this strategy, the real proof is can we create enough extra dollars to pay for the extra cost of the planter and the technology to operate it and give the grower a return on his investment?”   (Tom Burrus, President of Burrus Hybrids)

Brian Six of Burrus is operating the Kinze® 4900 Electric Drive Prototype Multi Hybrid Planter

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