Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update From Tom Burrus - Kinze® 4900 Electric Drive Prototype Multi Hybrid Planter Soybean Research

Burrus is utilzing the Kinze® 4900 electric drive Multi hybrid prototype planter for soybean research.

“We are pleased to announce that we be utilizing this amazing Kinze® technology, not only for corn, but also for soybean research.” says Tom Burrus, president of Burrus Hybrids.  The Kinze® planter is able to switch products simultaneously, as the soil types change throughout the field.  “Soybeans react differently, when compared to corn, so we will be increasing the population of the defensive soybean and decreasing the planting rate of the offensive products,” according to Matt Montgomery Sales Agronomist for Burrus.   We are set up to launch our first research endeavor at Joe Curless, of Curless Flying Service, Inc., near Astoria, IL.   

These soybean test plots will involve the planting of the defensive product,  Power Plus® 36J3™*at a population of 210,000, 185,000 and 160,000 in both 30 inch rows as well as 15 inch rows.  The offensive soybean,  Power Plus® 34T3™* will be planted at a population of 160,000, 135,000 and 110,000 seeds per acre.   The Kinze® 4900 electric drive Multi hybrid prototype planter will make the distinction of whether to plant the defensive or offensive soybean, based on soil productivity.  The offensive product will be planted on the more productive soils, while the defensive product will be placed on the tougher, more drought prone soil types.    We are excited to be one of just four seed companies with this Kinze® 4900 electric drive Multi hybrid prototype planter during the growing season of 2014.

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