Sunday, June 8, 2014

Burrus Customers Can Utilize MyFarms as a Tool for Rainfall Measurement

Burrus is using the Data-Driven Farming System by MyFarms to combine proprietary product knowledge with the data farmers own and manage to improve crop production. MyFarms was created to make it safe and easy for family farms and their advisors to increase yield by embracing Data-Driven Farming® practices such as site-specific hybrid placement and planting rates.

A Burrus product recommendation leverages proprietary test plot data and product ratings to help customers quickly discover the best seed variety and planting rate for each field. The solution combines on-farm data such as soil types, field and equipment details, and farm-specific management practices with regional product performance ratings managed by Burrus to quickly find the best product combination for each field. Seed performance can vary dramatically by soil type and production management method. The Burrus and MyFarms partnership is enabling growers to make decisions that increase profitability while maximizing the world’s food, fuel and fiber supply.

We continue to brainstorm new ways to offer pest and disease alerts within the MyFarms system as well as offer ways that farmers can keep track of data associated with each of their fields.  One example of data collection via MyFarms is the measurement of rainfall.  This feature allows growers to not only check the amount of rain received in a particular area, but also shows the rainfall trend for the entire growing season.  To learn more about how MyFarms can help you keep track of rainfall measurements, check out this Burrus Agronomy U YouTube video below:

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