Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gray Leaf Spot Alert System via MyFarms at Burrus

Burrus is pleased to add another feature for our MyFarms customers.  This new feature will be available to those who have transferred their uploaded fields to planting records within MyFarms.    The goal of this system is not only to alert Burrus growers about the potential for gray leaf spot, but to also be an aid for timely disease scouting.  If identified at damaging thresholds or within favorable environmental conditions, during corn pollination (2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the tasseling of corn), gray leaf spot can decrease corn yields.  If you need more information about gray leaf spot or help with identifying disease symptoms, you can refer to the following website:

This gray leaf spot program will revolve around the basic disease triangle and focus on three key elements:  corn susceptibility, favorable environmental conditions, and the presence of disease inoculum.  Based on these factors, fields within MyFarms will: remain green, if there is a low level, turn to yellow, if there is a moderate level, or become red, if there is a high level of concern for the development of gray leaf spot.  

An email notice will be sent when a field crosses into the red zone. Keep in mind, that factors such as corn hybrid selection, corn growth stage, crop rotation, or environmental conditions could cause the field to move back and forth between a yellow or red color, which could trigger multiple email notices for the same field.  Based on scouting, disease pressure, and if wet weather is in the forecast, the grower can make the decision if a fungicide application is needed.

Gray Leaf Spot Scouting procedures:
If a MyFarms field turns red and an email notice is received, you should scout that field at least 2 times a week.  If a field is yellow, it may need to be scouted at least once a week.  If the disease is present, access disease pressure and continue to monitor disease spread, especially if wet weather persists.  If 50% of the corn plants in the field are showing signs of this disease, on the third leaf below the ear or higher, for a period of time before and after corn tassel, you may want to consider a fungicide application.  Contact a Burrus agronomist if you are unsure of disease identification or if disease pressure/environmental conditions warrant a fungicide treatment.  For additional information you can contact

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