Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Boy's Journey as he Learns how to Become a Farmer

As the planter runs along this North Central Missouri field, 10 year old Wyatt Link sits in the tractor with his Dad and is helping to plant what is to be his first crop of beans. Wyatt says, “I am pretty excited about my three acres of Power Plus soybeans and now that they are planted, I can’t wait to see them pop up!"

Wyatt was given three acres to plant Power Plus 37F4’s.  These are a Roundup Ready bean in the Burrus line up of products.  
 Wyatt’s field is right next to his Grandpa’s, Rex Wood.  Rex had been using the three acres as hay ground, but the ground had become very rough and weeds were starting to take over, so he gave the acres to Wyatt.  The hay was taken off and the soybeans were planted right into the sod, and it will leave a cover on the ground that will help to hold in moisture. In a few days, glyphosate will be applied in hopes to kill the grass weeds.  

Now that the beans have been planted and received rain, we are going to follow the progress of these no-till soybeans, right along with Wyatt and see how his first crop as a farmer turns out.  This young man has Big Dreams as he is learning to become a Farmer. 


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