Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why are my Soybeans Lodged in 2014?

Recently, I was asked why some soybean fields appeared to be lodged more than usual this year? 

First we evaluate information about the soybean variety.  This particular soybean variety, Hughes 555RR (Maturity 2.5) is not prone to lodge. It is rated a "9" on standability!  Actually, this soybean variety is "kicking butt" in some areas.
 What could possibly be causing this field of soybeans to lodge?

1.) Later than normal planting date?

2.) Heavy rainfall during vegetative growth stages 

3.)  High winds

4.)  High plant populations or populations that are too high for a field that is known to be highly productive

5.)  Highly productive soils (muck/manure)

6.)  Soils low in Potassium (K)

This blog was inspired by Michigan State Extension article entitled, "Why are some soybean fields so badly lodged this year?"  Click on the title to get further details on the causes of soybean lodging that are listed above.

By ruling out some of these potential issues, you may be able to eliminate soybean lodging issues in the future.   

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