Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hughes Corn Plot Winners in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Power Plus 4J94 AMX-RTM* 
#1/23 at 235 bu/A  
Twin Gardens Farms, Harvard, IL
Multi-brand on-farm trial

Power Plus 4J94 AMX-RTM* 
#2/32 at 229 bu/A
WW AgSeeds, Rockford, IL
Multi-brand on-farm trial

Power Plus 4J95 AMXTM*  
#1/35 at 265 bu/A
Hinckley-Big Rock FFA, Hinckley, IL
FFA Research Plot

Power Plus 4J94 AMX-RTM* 
#1/45 at 258 bu/A
Kane County Corn Growers, IL
Corn on Corn Trial

Power Plus 5C17 AMXTTM*     
#1/15 at 254 bu/A 
Kent Reed, Steward, IL 
Multi-brand on-farm trial

Burrus 6T54 3000GT       
#1/16 at 228 bu/A 
Bob Klotz, Maple Park, IL 
Multi-brand on-farm trial 

Power Plus 2V56 AMXTM*        
#3/27 at 187 bu/A 
Gifford Bros, Genoa City, WI 
CropGuard multi-brand trial 

Power Plus 7A18 AM1TM*        
#1/36 at 248 bu/A 
Kent Bickett, Princeton, IL 
Multi-brand on-farm trial
*Power Plus is distributed by Burrus

Use the following link to contact a Hughes or Burrus Account Manager in your area:  http://www.burrusseed.com/A_marketing_team.php

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