Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Note to our Growers from Tom Burrus

Dear Grower,

We understand how the family farm works because, we have been farm family owned since 1935.  We are different from the corporate-type seed companies.  We stick to the basics.  We are like a football team that blocks and tackles very well plus runs the ball consistently, executing the fundamentals every day creating a winning tradition.  That is Burrus has been winning for decades and it is no surprise.   Here is the secret to our success.

Integrity.  For four generations we have honored our word.  We have done what we said we would do and growers know they can trust us.  We are willing to earn your trust.  If you recognize your current supplier is stacking the deck against your long-term success then maybe it is time to rethink your past decision.  If you don’t trust your supplier explicitly, change. 

Persistence.  The competition likes to say “The family operations can’t survive!   They are getting our seconds - they can’t compete.”  Well folks, we have been in the business 80 years and the mantra has never changed.  You know what, we are doing just fine! In fact many of the companies singing those songs have gone by the wayside.   Growers know that if three seed companies are all that is left, they will be paying twice the price for their seed!  Growers want us to succeed.  And the surest way to be certain that happens is to buy our seed, not because we provide competition, but because we bring better value, better performance, and that means better profitability for you.  Believe me, we are just as persistent as we were eight decades ago when grandpa and his brother started.  We never quit regardless of the naysyers’ message.  We know better and can prove it!

Local testing.  We not only conduct tests on flat black ground but purposefully, have many locations where soils stress even in a normal year.  This provides an environment to better predict the stress tolerance of products.  Optimum® AQUAmax® and Agrisure® Artesian are monikers on several products that have excelled in high-yield situations as well as drought- stressed environments.  These marker bred systems also prove their worth in field demonstrations, too.  Breakout genetics matched with breakthrough traits will help you grow more corn.  Our local testing provides the best avenue to predicting future performance.  We are having another outstanding year compared to our competitors.  Read the results.  Selecting products for “our footprint” is a winner. 

Performance.  Nothing is as vital to corn production as matching products to your soil, farm by farm, tract by tract.  Our Crop Optimization Planner (COP) is a proven, non-emotional product selection tool that can make you an extra 12.8 bu/a.  Big yields start with a strong stand. Our PowerShield® seed treatment is the best in class, in any class.  It provides the umph to come up under cold, wet conditions.  With our 100% Free replant policy on seed corn and PowerShield treated beans, we are just as interested in you getting a stand as you are!

Compassion.  To be able help in tough times, it is important that you understand the needs.  We get it.  We help growers with solid recommendations to improve product performance and profitability.   And besides that, we care.  Your success is our success!

Choice.  Everyone likes to have choices.  We provide more choice than the single- supplier brands.  In the past, growers bought from three suppliers to insure genetic diversity.  Today, you can buy from us and know you have divided your risk by trait and genetics without dividing your volume discount. 

It can be difficult today to tell one seed company from another.  Give us a chance to prove we are different.  To prove we are better.  For those who have planted us for decades, thank you for your continued support.  We appreciate every unit and box of seed you order as you place your trust in us.  If you are considering us for the first time, thank you.  Join the increasing number of growers recognizing the performance of our multi-brand strategy.   You’ll be glad you did!
Have a very, merry and blessed Christmas!


Tom Burrus

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