Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crop Optimization Planner gains $70 per unit of corn seed in additional value

To illustrate how well the Crop Optimization Planner (COP) powered by MyFarmssm is doing, we used the Burrus Show plot, located at Arenzville, IL. 
The COP selected 4 products for each of 4 categories. 
1. Products with corn rootworm protection with an integrated refuge. 
2.  Products with corn rootworm protection with a structured refuge. 
3. Products with corn borer protection. 
4.  Non-GM products.

At Arenzville, these were compared to the other products not selected by the COP in each category.  The results gained 31.8 bu/a, 25.8  bu/a, 18.6 bu/a  and 17.7 bu/a with an average of 23.5 bu/a.  That is $82 per acre gain at $3.50 corn and $206 per unit of seed advantage.  They were also compared to the average of all products offered by Burrus within each category.  The COP recommended products were 17.4 bu/a, 5.2 bu/a, 6.2 bu/a, 3.5 bu/a  above the average, respectively.  The overall average was 8.1 bu/a or $70 per seed unit gain using the COP.
In addition, the structured refuge products averaged 3.9 bushels more than the integrated refuge products.  This data bears out what we have been encouraging growers to consider when placing their orders for 2015.  We all like convenience, but our job is to help you maximize your yield and profit.  Our recommendation is to consider some of both the structured and integrated refuge products to maximize convenience and performance.
Under tough economic times, always look for ways to get maximum return on your investment.  Access to the COP costs $500.  So if you plant more than 8 units of Burrus, you can keep the extra $70/unit in value.  Talk to your dealer or Account Manager for ways to earn COP credit by increasing your order or being a 100% loyal customer.

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