Friday, March 27, 2015

Variable Rate Planting Your Corn: Burrus and MyFarms Can Bring Yield to Your Farm

Clayton Cook, Burrus Account Manager, covers an area in Northwestern Illinois as well as Southeastern Iowa.  Recently, he was helping a Burrus customer import his upcoming 2015 planting plans as well as building his corn planting population prescriptions within MyFarms℠.  MyFarms provides tools that help Burrus farmers manage their data and insight to drive better decisions in each field.  It was created to make it safe and easy for Burrus family farms and their advisors to increase yield by embracing Data-Driven Farming practices such as site-specific hybrid placement and planting rates.  

Jerad Ropp, Burrus Precision Farming consultant, was also able available for this meeting by conference call and ran some yield data comparisons from the 2014 growing season.  This Burrus customer had done some plant population testing last year with the corn hybrid, Power Plus® 4G46™*.  Power Plus® 4G46™* was variable rate planted from 30,400 to 35,700 plants per acre within soil types that had yield ratings from 147-127-0 (No Rating).  There were two check strips that were 16 rows wide and 2,000 feet long.  One of the test strips was locked in at 32,000 and the other at 36,000 plants per acre.  The yield results for the variable planted as well as the test strips with fixed planting populations were as follows:

Pass 1 Variable Rate avg. yield            – 211 bu/a
Check 1 36,000 fixed pop. avg. yield  – 202 bu/a
Check 2 32,000 fixed pop. avg. yield  – 208 bu/a
Pass 4 Variable Rate avg. yield            – 216 bu/a

Whole field average for Power Plus® 4G46™* – 212 bu/a

What was really interesting was that there were two different soil types in this particular field that were rated almost identical, but this grower had come to realize that one of these soil types had historically yielded much better than the other in past growing seasons.  MyFarms allowed this grower to manually adjust his corn plant populations in 2014 according to his definition of what was the higher or lower productive soil types of this field.  

Jerad was able to run the average yield by this high or low soil type and found the more productive soil type, which was planted at a higher population (35,700), had an average yield of 217 bu/acre.  The average yield on the other soil type, labeled as lower productivity, planted at the lower population (34,000), was 209 bu/acre.  The plant population separation was 1,700 plants per acre.  This data is very interesting, especially when considering the consistent and good growing conditions of 2014

This Burrus grower was able to utilize the Data-Driver Farming System® MyFarms to combine proprietary product knowledge along with his own knowledge to manage and improve his crop production.  This Burrus grower plans to implement a similar plan in 2015, with check strips built into his corn population prescriptions, within 3 different fields.  He is very pleased with the MyFarms system and its performance.

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