Friday, April 3, 2015

Early Season Corn Pests: What's in Your Seed Treatment?

Jason Zimmer, is a Burrus Dealer in Reddick, Illinois and he stresses to his customers that Burrus PowerShield® seed treatment on corn not only consists of multiple modes of action of fungicides as well as a nematicide, but also a standard rate of either Poncho 500 (Burrus, Hughes, and PowerPlus® Products) or Cruiser 500 (Catalyst® Products).  This higher standard rate of insecticide within PowerShield® can help Burrus customers gain plants per acre and overall yield at NO EXTRA COST!

Often times, our competitors have the lower rate of insecticide within their seed treatment as their standard rate, which could mean less early season control of insects such as wireworm, black cutworm, and grape colaspis, which could potentially reduce the corn stand and return on investment. 

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