Monday, April 20, 2015

Field Progress Reports from the Burrus and Hughes Footprint (April 20, 2015)

Field progress reports from the Burrus and Hughes Footprint starting from South to North:

"Still guys putting anhydrous on. It's been really wet here. There are some guys 100% done planting corn the rest may haven't planted an acre yet." - Matt Ivy, Burrus Account Manager, Blackwater, MO (Area 5)

"I had .5 inches of rain this weekend. It is cool and wet. There is less than 5% is planted and still have NH3 to go on.  I have not even planted a plot yet!  - Donny Marnin, Burrus Account Manager, C.C.A, Mendon, MO (Area 4)

"We had .35” on our farm from the last rain event. I would say closer to .50”-.75” a little further north and east.  Very little planting done in my area, most haven’t started including myself. I would say under 5%. And obviously no beans yet. I don’t have any customers that I work with that have much at all planted yet". - Luke Turner, Burrus Account Manager, Mattoon, IL  (Area 18)

"After a long delay producers now have a majority of the anhydrous and dry fertilizer applied in Northeast Missouri. We received anywhere from .1 to 1 inch early Sunday morning.  With cool temperatures coming producers have continued working ground while the planters are sitting and waiting for warmer weather." - Jordan Watson, Burrus Account Manager, Shelbina, MO (Area 6)

"Well not a lot happening in our area.  The rains have spread out enough to keep a lot these guys from rolling.  We have had anywhere from 2" of rain to the west of my location to 1/2" to the east of my location. With my hometown getting around an 1".  All within the last two days.  Now our conditions are 47 degrees and windy.  Overall, I would say we have 98% of the fertilizer done and maybe 10% of the corn planted.  The forecast shows maybe favoring conditions this week with some chances of Mother Nature showing back up for this weekend." - Rob Church, Burrus Account Manager, MO (Area 1)

"We had ¾ of an inch of rain.  Growers are 80% planted here on corn. Several are finished planting their corn and are ready to plant beans.  In our break room, most have finished. Paul has 40 acres left and Fischer has not started on corn." - Tom Burrus, Owner of Burrus Seeds, Arenzville, IL  

" I'd probably just echo what Tom said.  Corn is 75-80% planted with many growers done with corn.  Most got .5-.8 of an inch of rain Sunday that came very nicely.  Most guys are tickled with the rain, even if they didn't quite get finished.  Have heard a few reports of beans planted to the east of me.  This cooler weather this week should keep some growers from planting beans until the following week or 1st of May, even if it dries up." - Ross Brockhouse, Burrus Account Manager, C.C.A, Beardstown, IL (Area 16)

"Here in Blandinsville, IL, we had ½ inch of rain which we needed. I have several growers that quit planting corn because they were out of soil moisture in worked ground. The no till and fall strip till still have adequate moisture and planted the best I’ve ever seen. I am still quite concerned with spring applied NH3 burn that could show up later and how dry the strips are where the NH3 knife ran. Several have made the comment this is as deep as they have ever planted corn to get to moisture. I would say we are 75% planted on corn and I have three customers with soybeans in the ground that I know of." - Jeff Hyde, Burrus Account Manager, C.C.A, Blandinsville, IL (Area 11)

"We had 1/2 inch of rain yesterday and the brakes are on. No one is doing any field work or planting. Most of my guys were wet before this last half inch and it will be tough with the temps this week to dry out too much." - Quinn Moller, Burrus Account Manager, Pine Village, IN (Area 10 and 14)

"We had .8 inch of rain on Sunday and 30 percent of corn is planted around Kankakee and East.  There are some concerns on the effects of cool temperatures on the recently planted corn." - Jason Zimmer, Burrus Dealer, Reddick, IL (Area 10)
"South end of my territory 75% corn is planted, north end is less than 10%.  Iowa is less than 5% corn and 0 beans.  South end of my territory is 5% planted on beans.  Rain totals varied across my territory from .2 to .75 inches on Sunday." - Clayton Cook, Burrus Account Manager, Sciota, IL (Area 7)

Planters started rolling April 15th. Most of NH3 is done.
 Thursday soil temps

                LY Corn: 46-50

                LY Bean: Mid 50s

Saturday Soil Temps:  Low to Mid 60s

Today :  LY Corn: 40 @ 8am

4/9 rain totals

                West of Freeport: 0”

                German Valley: 1.5”

                Tornado Alley: 2-4”

4/12 rains


                West of Freeport: 0”

4/19 rains

                Lena: .7”

                Elizabeth: 1.2”

                German Valley: .5”

                Oregon: .3”

 Field work has come to halt.  Ed Bettner Plot going in this afternoon and I may have to wear long johns."  - Bryce Sandahl, Hughes Seed Account Manager, German Valley, IL (Area 25)

"At Woodstock, there was some corn planting this week, lots of N application and we received about 0.5 inches overnight." - Dave Hughes, Hughes Seed, Woodstock, IL 
"Last week was a great week to get alfalfa in the ground and pretty much wrapped that up. Northern Illinois started planting corn last week and ground was prepared. The soil worked up really nice all over. Rain amounts for New Glarus for April: 2" so far still raining this am." - Tom Sandahl, Hughes Sales Manager, C.C.A, New Glarus, WI 

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