Friday, May 1, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Burrus Agronomist

Have you ever wondered what your Burrus Agronomist is doing? Well, Natalie Seaman, a Freshman from Beardstown, Illinois was able to find out!  Ever since growing up on her family farm and recently attending the University of Illinois Extension 4H Summer Academy- Crop Science, she has been interested in learning more about potential job opportunities in agriculture.  Thanks to the Beardstown Future Business Leaders of America and club sponsor, Mrs. Beverly Loxley, Natalie was able to spend an entire day with Burrus Agronomist, Stephanie Porter. 

On April 29th, Stephanie and Natalie planted a Burrus preview plot near beautiful, Columbia, IL, located in the Mississipi river bottom with Burrus Account Manager, John Howell and his father, Chris Howell!  Burrus agronomists evaluate many different types of plots, but the Burrus Sales Agronomists plant, evaluate, and harvest preview plots, which are set up in a randomized grid pattern.  These plots consist of current and potential, future Burrus corn hybrids.  In 2015, 19 preview plots will be planted across the Burrus Footprint in Illinois and Missouri.  We are lucky enough to have many dedicated Burrus Account Managers, dealers, and growers to help our sales agronomists to plant Burrus preview plots with the help of special planter units that fit in each of their planters.

Even though it was hard work, Natalie said she had fun and learned a lot! She was a quick learner, asked great questions, and did not mind getting dirty!  Account Manager, John Howell, politely offered her some gloves to protect her pretty fingernails that were recently done for her upcoming prom, but Natalie said gloves were not needed. Her recent pedicure did not slow her down!  Burrus wishes her the best in her future adventures in agriculture! 
Natalie Seaman and John Howell, Burrus Account Manager

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