Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Note from Tom Burrus: "Burrus Seed Quality Wins Again!"

Recently, I received an email from Burrus Account Manager, John Howell, that stated the following: 
"Took a call Saturday morning from a new customer ( bought 45 units corn) that he was going to need more seed. He said they chose Burrus for their additional needs because of the quality of our seed.  He said they bought from 3-4 companies this year and our seed planted the best and was exactly what they were looking for.  Feels good.

After reading this email, Brian Reed, Burrus Sales Manager added, "I’ll add that a good friend of mine used Burrus for the first time this year and made a similar comment.  He said that Burrus seed was much more consistent than his current suppliers (our competitors) and went in the ground more easily."

Wise seed selection choices might be the difference between profit and loss for the next couple of years.  Buying seed based upon value rather than price is the first step in the process towards success.  Realize that higher value seed might actually save money on other expenses like chemicals or application fees to protect against insect damage.  Those same products might also improve yields by protecting the crop from losses due to insect damage.   Using seed traits to protect against yield loss can be a great investment.  Obviously, bigger yields is the key to buying seed with greater value.  Once the proper product is selected, then consideration should be given to lowering the seed cost. - Tom Burrus

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