Monday, May 4, 2015

ILeVO® Soybean Seed Treatment Evaluated by Burrus Agronomists and Growers in 2015

Burrus is excited to offer the ILeVO® seed treatment, which will be combined with our base soybean PowerShield® treatment, which consists of fungicides, insecticide, and biologicials. This new Burrus soybean seed treatment package, which will consist of the high (.15mg) rate of ILeVO, will be called PS SDS, which stands for PowerShield for Sudden Death Syndrome. The following soybean varieties will be available with PS SDS:  Power Plus® 32D5™*, Power Plus® 36J3™*, Power Plus® 39B3™* and Hoblit 384LL.  

ILeVO is a unique compound from Bayer Crop Science that brings both fungicidal and nematicidal activity within the seed zone, when applied to the soybean seed.  ILeVO impacts Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) disease symptoms above and below the soil. This special seed treatment also has a broad spectrum activity against all nematodes.  As a nematicide, ILeVO kills nematodes near the seed, but as the root (tips) move away from the seed zone, protection is no longer available later in the growing season.

ILeVO has a unique mode of action, which causes the seed treatment to concentrate mainly in the soybean cotyledons, which are the first leaves on the plant at emergence.  A halo effect, or necrosis at margins of the cotyledons may occur as a result of a photo – sensitive reaction to this concentration of ILeVO.  Later, a drawstring effect or yellowing could occur on the unifoliate leaves.  These symptoms, which occur during the VE (emergence) and V2 soybean growth stages, are more frequently seen under slow growing conditions, when the soil or air temperatures are cool. After the V2 soybean growth stage or as the trifoliate leaves appear, the plant will appear normal.