Thursday, May 7, 2015

Planting Reports from Hughes and Burrus Account Managers (May 5 -7, 2015)

(From North to South)
Hughes Seed
New Glarus has received 1” rain so far this week. Southern WI is probably 50% planted on corn and starting beans for those that are done with corn. – Tom Sandahl, Hughes Sales Manager (Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois)

Corn probably 75 percent planted and Beans 50 percent planted.  Got some much needed rain starting Sunday May 3, probably 1" plus over two days, with more to come. – Bob Wagner, Hughes Account Manager (Area 27, Southcentral Wisconsin)

Corn 70% planted and Beans 15% planting.  Rain received since Sunday 1.5" to .2" – Brad Kufalk, Hughes Account Manager (Area 29 and 30, Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois)
Corn: 90% planted, Soybeans: 25%, Rain totals for Sunday thru Monday: 2-3” – Bryce Sandahl, Hughes Account Manager, Area 25, Northwestern Illinois)

I would say in my area corn is roughly 70% complete and beans are 20% complete. – Aaron Rice, Hughes Account Manager, Area 26, Northwestern Illinois)

The Hughes Sales Force is about half done planting plots – Jim Hughes, Hughes Seed, Woodstock, IL

Burrus Seed

My area is 85% planted on corn, several are finished while some growers have 30-80% of their corn in. Soybeans are still pretty low probably less than 10% planted. Rainfall varied greatly, Macomb had several inches out of 1 small cell. Northern McDonough and southern Warren co. had between .7" and 1.5" while northern Warren, Mercer, Knox and Henderson had 1.5"-2.5". SE Iowa varied from around 1" to about 2" – Clayton Cook, Burrus Account Manager, Area 7

Corn planted - 80%, Beans planted - 10%. Rain in Kankakee area - 1 inch plus, Gilman area 1.25 inches, Hoopeston area 1.15 inches. – Quinn Moller, Burrus Account Manager, Area 10 and 14

In Blandinsville, IL we received 1 inch of rain, Macomb, IL received 2.5 to 3 inches, and Northwest of Carthage, IL, received 4 inches of rain.  Corn is 95% planted and beans are 65 % planted. – Jeff Hyde, Burrus Account Manager, CCA, Area 11

I think we are 85% planted with corn and 25% of the beans planted. – Dick Burns, Burrus Account Manager, Area 9

1 inch rain in Pekin less south. 90% done with corn. 20-30 % done with soybeans – Lynn McKibbon, Burrus Account Manager, Area 13

Corn planting is pretty well complete in my area.  Soybeans continue to go in the ground and I would estimate that to be around 60%.  Some are finishing up beans over the next day or two, while others are just getting a good start.  Rain this week has ranged from a trace, to 1/2".  Rain is welcome anytime. – Ross Brockhouse, Burrus Account Manager, CCA, Area 16

95% to done on corn.  70% of bean planted.  Most bean acres that remain are waiting on a rain to be planted. Sent out the first bags of replant corn yesterday. Some very uneven corn, slow to emerge. – Brian Six, Burrus District Sales Associate, Area 17

I'd say my territory is approximately 90% done with corn. 50% done with beans. Less than a tenth of rain this week. – Luke Turner, Burrus District Sales Associate, Area 18

Corn in my area is estimated to be around 85 to 90% planted. (Some have been done for two weeks, while others have just started planting this week. Still seeing some anhydrous being applied in some areas as well).  I would estimate soybeans to be around 20% planted. Many growers are now waiting for moisture with most of the territory needing rain. I have heard reports of 2 or 3 tenths in some remote places with most of the territory missing all rains the last ten days to two weeks. – Tim Carmody, Burrus Sales Manager, Area 20

Andy Weihe - Hoyleton 100% corn, 50% beans. Excited about Burrus beans. Placing them in a field next to Pioneer. William Schaeffer - Smithton 66% corn, 0 beans.  Bob Winet - Highland 100% corn, 50% beans.  Gary Ferree - Sullivan, IN - Just starting on corn today, 0 beans.  Ron Schultz - Stewardson 100% corn, 25% beans.  Emil Lagerhausen - Shumway 100% corn, starting beans today. Reymond - Greenville 100% corn, 0 beans.The opinions expressed above are not those of Burrus Seed. This has been an update from Long haul driver - Joe Fletcher, Burrus Account Manager, Area 21

We are approximately 80-90% planted on corn, no soybeans to speak of, but they are going to be going in the next couple of days. We have missed all rains over the last week... corn planted two weeks ago is easily rowable. – John Howell, Burrus Account Manager, CCA, Area 22


Northwest Missouri has had enough rain for a while.  I would say that we are approximately 65% done with corn.  We were just gaining momentum to finish corn and roll full time on beans when last Friday night & Sunday night we were blessed with 2” of total rain.  Now keep in mind this was a spread out system that ranged from 1” of rain in the north & east part of the territory to 2”+ of rain in the west and south part of this territory.  Then came Monday night with another ¾” of rain with the rest of the week outlook showing 80% chance of scattered showers for the entire territory.  On a good note the corn that has been planted is showing excellent emergence throughout the area.  – Rob Church, Burrus Account Manager, Area 1

As of today it looks like guys are finishing up with corn and starting beans.  I would guess 80% on corn and 15% on beans.  My territory got some rain last night and this weekend to slow them down for a few days.  Anywhere from 3-5” in spots near Gower, MO to 1.5”- nothing in other spots. Haul back on corn will be starting this week for me as weather allows.  I have 3 corn plots in so far.  – Riley Young, Burrus Account Manager, Area 3

Corn went pretty rapid and is now probably in the 90% range of being done. Soybeans have kicked off here also. After a wet spring, we could use a drink again.  May 4th, 2015 – Matt Ivy, Burrus Account Manager, Area 5

75% of the corn planted 5% of beans.  1 to 1.5 inches of rain received in the area – Seth Link, Burrus Sales Manager, Area 2 and Jordan Watson, Burrus Account Manager, Area 6

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