Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If You Have a Multi-Hybrid Planter, Let Us Help You Plant with the Burrus COP!

Farmers looking to purchase a new planter have a vast array of innovative features to consider, including planters with the ability to seed more than one hybrid or variety within a field. These new planters, referred to as multi-hybrid, are configured with the equipment needed to automatically switch between two or more cultivars on-the-go.

Two conditions are necessary for a multi-hybrid planting strategy to be successful. First, there must be significant variation across a field, including topography and other soil variables. Second, there must be a difference between a hybrid's yield response to in-field environmental variation.

In 2014, Burrus collaborated on an exciting multi-hybrid project with Beard Implement and Kinze Manufacturing. This project involved field trials for a new multi-hybrid planter developed by Kinze. Goals for this project were:
1) To field test and prove this new technology in the field
2) To assess the yield benefits of diversifying hybrids within a field based upon productivity
3) Organized to assess the feasibility of using such a planter within a common Midwestern farm management program
Kinze designed the planter and Burrus brought the plot know-how combined with the power of the Burrus Crop Optimization Planner powered by MyFarms.  Too learn more, refer to our previous blog:  Burrus and Kinze ManufacturingMulti-Hybrid Planter Research Results

Using the Burrus COP, we wrote site specific multi-hybrid planting prescriptions for each field based upon soil types and farm specific management knowledge.  This knowledge was combined to map out both high and low productivity zones, which were each mapped to two hybrids.  One was an offensive hybrid, ideal for higher yielding environments. This hybrid was associated with the high productivity zones and planted at higher populations. The second hybrid was defensive, ideal for tougher environments (lower productivity/higher clay/lower CEC/more drought prone soils). This hybrid was associated with the low productivity zones and planted at lower densities. From there, the multi-hybrid planter seeded two different corn hybrids based strictly upon prescription developed within the BurrusCOP.  

The Burrus COP provides many tools that help farmers manage their data and insight to drive better decisions in each field.  It was created to make it safe and easy for Burrus family farms and their advisors to increase yield by embracing Data-Driven Farming practices such as site-specific hybrid placement, planting rates, variable seeding prescriptions, and even multi-hybrid seeding capabilities.  

If you are considering purchasing a multi-hybrid planter developed by Kinze to maximize productivity across your acreage, keep Burrus and the Burrus COP powered by MyFarms in mind. We at Burrus stand ready to partner with you and your farming operation.  We will help you formulate and convert your upcoming 2016 planting plans into a specific prescriptions within the Burrus COP to be loaded directly to your field display. But we don’t stop there.  We also partner with you and your operation throughout the growing season with scouting and disease alerts, as well as helping you with all your record keeping needs.  Contact your Burrus Seed Account Manager today learn how we can help you turn bytes into bushels. - Troy Horton, Precision Farming and Director of IT, Burrus Seed and Stephanie Porter, Sales Agronomist, Burrus Seed

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