Saturday, May 7, 2016

Burrus Footprint Planting Update (Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri) 5/7/16

Wisconsin -

Southwestern Wisconsin, Gary Ott, Account Manager
We are 60 percent done planting corn and soybeans have just started to be planted.  It has been tough to spray with wind.  The alfalfa is coming along and 388 HY looks very good.

Northcentral Wisconsin, Bob Wagner, Account Manager
We had 1/2 inch rain on Tuesday night.  The planters should be rolling Thursday/Friday of this week.  We are 50 percent done planting corn and 15 percent done planting soybeans.

Illinois -
Luke Turner, Account Manager was scouting a field of PowerPlus 5C17 AMXT this week, and it was the highlight of Twitter
Northeast Illinois, Lance Brillon, Account Manager
Planting is about 70 percent complete in my area.  It has been very, cool and wet, with uneven emergence as a concern.  Guys should be back to planting on Friday morning.  We look forward to getting back to normal temperatures.  Most of the corn is in ground, with most of beans left to be planted. 

Northcentral Illinois, Krista Lottinville
The majority of the corn acres in our area were planted before the rains last weekend with a 7+ day planting window. Some small showers and more in the forecast this week/weekend are keeping growers from getting back in the fields. Some minor spraying has been done. Very few soybean acres have been planted. Those that were, have yet to emerge. Cool and wet weather has slowed corn growth and turned the just emerged seedlings a not so beautiful yellow hue. Praying for warm weather and a few drying days to keep planting season progressing. 

Eastcentral Illinois and Western Indiana, Quinn Moller, Account Manager
Most of my farmers are completed on planting corn. There are still a few who started later and have some acres left to plant.  Corn is up and starting to green up. A few beans are in the ground in my area, but most have been waiting for Mother Nature to dry things out a bit.  We are a solid week before planters will be rolling again and maybe longer with rain in the forecast for next week.

Westcentral Illinois, Tom Burrus, Owner of Burrus Seed
At Arenzville, we were able to go back to planting today May 4 after a wonderful 2 inches of rain.  It was just what we needed.  We have about 90% of our seed acres started and will be closing up splits rapidly.  We use a product called BioNik that delays emergence, so we can plant two male plantings on the same day, one being treated with BioNik and the other not, to have a nice spread in pollen.  We have about 25% of our seed soybeans planted.  All of our seed beans were treated with PowerShield SDS.  Most of the commercial corn in this area is planted and has emerged.  Some beans planted, but at this point, many will be dropping them in, as soil conditions get right.

Westcentral Illinois, Ross Brockhouse, Account Manager
All of the corn is planted in my area, with the majority of it emerged.  Beans are nearing 20 percent planted.  1 to 2 inches of rain that came last week has kept field work at a stand still until recently. 

Southcentral Illinois, Luke Tuner, Account Manager
We started planting corn 4/15 and finished the evening of 4/19 on our farm. Have the planter switched over for beans, but haven't planted any yet.  I would say in my area, in general, we are 85 percent planted on corn and not many beans in the ground, probably under 10 percent. On our farm in Southwest Shelby county, going back 9 days, we have had anywhere from 2.7 to 2.9 inches of rain since April 26th. 

Southeastern Illinois, Joe Fletcher, Account Manager
Planting is all over the place, but on average we are 50 to 60 percent done planting corn, depending on the rain.  We received anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5 inches, with the most rain accumulation in the Southeastern Illinois.  No plots have been panted yet.


Northeast Missouri, Jordan Watson, Account Manager
Corn is virtually wrapped up and emerged.  Soybeans 10% planted. We will be running wide open (Seth Link style) tomorrow 5-5-16.

Northcentral Missouri, Donny Marnin, Account Manager
Things slowed down since receiving 1.3 to 2.5 inches of rain.  We are 100% done with corn and back to planting soybeans.  There were 338 acres of replanted soybeans.  The first soybean plot went in 5/7/16. 

Northwest/Westcentral Missouri, Riley Young, Account Manager
We had from 1.5 to 7 inches of rain across my territory.  Most all the corn is completed.  There will be small amounts of replanting in the low lying areas.  Soybeans are going in too.  15 to 20 percent of the beans are planted.  The rain is what held it back from being more.  Corn is anywhere from sprouting to V4 growth stages.  After the next few days, we will be sitting at 97 percent corn and 25 percent soybeans planted.

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