Friday, May 20, 2016

Burrus Footprint Planting Update (Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin) 5/20/16


Northcentral Missouri - Seth Link, Sales Manager
Corn is 98 percent planted, with 90 percent emerged.  There has been a couple of small, cases of replant on corn, but nothing widespread.  We are seeing many cases of Purple Corn Syndrome.
Beans are 30 percent planted and replant is still yet to be determined.  The latest soybeans planted have suffered from cold rains and cold cloudy days.  There are many cases of PPO herbicide damage seen in soybeans.  The cool, wet conditions and slow emergence could cause some diseases to occur.

Northeast Missouri - Jordan Watson, Account Manager
All of the corn planting is wrapped up and it is emerged; however it really needs some heat.  Soybeans are 30 percent planted, and in the next 5 days could be up to 80 percent planted.  The soybeans that were planted earlier are showing uneven emergence due to weather.


Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin – Brad Kufalk, Account Manager
The corn is 80 percent planted.  The corn planted on April 16 and 17th have lost 10 to 20 percent of their stand. There was one cutworm found on May 18th in Palmyra, Wisconsin.  Soybeans are 20 percent planted and the first cutting of hay is being cut.

Northeast Illinois - Lance Brillon, Account Manager
Corn is completely planted.  Soybeans are 80 percent planted.  This week, all planting should be complete, as we are getting warmer weather for the next 4 to 5 days.  I anticipate a small amount of replant, but less than 5%, in some areas, due to heavy rains 5 to 7 days ago.  No pests to report yet.

Eastcentral Illinois and Western Indiana – Quinn Moller, Account Manager
Corn is completely planted in my territory.  I have received 1 call to replant corn for 8 units.  Planters are rolling “big time” now and getting soybeans in the ground.  Soil is fit and with the weather window ahead, planting should be wrapping up by this time next week.

Westcentral Illinois – Dalton Shepherd, Account Manager
Corn is 99.9 percent planted and soybeans 75 percent planted.  The Corn stage is averaging V3- V5 and is mostly looking light green, but should be coming out of it in the next couple days with the nice weather. Soybeans are mostly emerging. There have been some soybean emergence issues due to deep planting.  No pests spotted yet and weed control in planted fields is looking pretty good.  Rows are mostly clean, with a few, patchy areas. There will be minimal replant on corn and most likely a few hundred acres of replant of soybeans, depending on the warm, weather outcome. No disease has been found. 

Southcentral Illinois (East) - Luke Tuner, Account Manager

Most of the corn in my area is in the ground. I'm just now starting to see some purple corn, and a lot of silver leaf during my scouting.  We could really use some warm days, with sunshine and no rain. I'd say we are 95 percent planted.

The troubleshooting calls that I've been on were all fields that were planted around April 24th-25th, right before a big rain. I've had some corn replant, mostly in the southern part of my area. The northern part of my area all looks good.  I have seen some early signs of cutworm damage, but none recently.

Guys are just now starting to roll again, and will be planting soybeans now.  We are hoping for a nice stretch of warm, dry weather. A lot of soybeans in my area will go into the ground over the weekend. As of now, not many soybeans have been planted because we have just been too wet.

Purple corn syndrome in certain genetics after cool weather in Shelby County, Illinois.  Picture by Luke Turner.
Southcentral Illinois (West) -Tim Carmody, Sales Manager
The corn in my area is around 95 percent planted. If we miss the small chance for a shower on Friday in the morning, many will finish up planting corn either Friday and/or Saturday.  Soybeans are around 60 percent planted and many will probably be running again tomorrow and Saturday.  We need some warm, sunny days!

Southcentral Illinois - Joe Fletcher, Account Manager
The corn is 60 to 80 percent planted. There have been several calls for corn replant.  Soybean are less than 10 percent planted.  There have been no diseases or pests to speak of other than the bird damage in corn.

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