Saturday, June 25, 2016

Meet Connor Klingele, Burrus Intern from Illinois

Connor Klingele is from a town of 600 people called Liberty, Illinois. Liberty is a rural, agricultural community that prides itself on the tight knit relations formed between community members. Connor will be a sophomore at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in the fall, pursuing a double major degree in Agribusiness Economics and Accounting. He is heavily involved in many clubs at SIU and takes an active role in what goes on throughout the College of Agricultural Sciences at SIU.

A quote from his previous employer very well describes why I wanted to join the Burrus team. My previous employer once told me something that I will never forget. He said, “Product will sell itself, it’s as simple as that. All we have to sell is our service… because that’s what separates us from everyone else.” I saw a lot of this same mentality when looking at Burrus. Burrus Hybrids is a family owned and operated company that truly puts their customers first. The service and care they provide is something that is often hard to come by. Their goals and images were one that I could easily get behind and be proud to be associated with. 

Connor was so shocked when he received a phone call within a couple weeks of first speaking with Burrus recruiter, Craig Patty. “I didn’t think it would be possible for a freshman to obtain an internship, so I was ecstatic when I found out that I was hired!"

My first few weeks at Burrus have been great! I’ve had a lot of fun meeting my fellow employees and the Burrus family, and I’ve already learned so much! My experiences have varied from all-inclusive training, agronomic training sessions, assisting with planting plots, making deliveries, and picking up return items from customers.

Connor has really valued the personal interactions that he has experienced with those inside the company and our customers. The Burrus family and their employees are all very down to earth people and have done a tremendous job making me feel like an important part of their operation. He also loved being able to interact with farmers from all over the area. They are always up for a good conversation and are helping him to learn new things every day.  What shocked him most about Burrus was their diverse combination of top of the line products offered through collaborative partnership with industry leaders, as well as their own research.

Connor states that, “I did not grow up on a farm, so I am hoping to take away a lot from this internship. I have already learned a lot about the differences in genetics and seed treatments and hope to expand my knowledge further in that area. I also want to pick up on any information or tips that will be related to sales.” 

Something different Connor would have read up on is different agricultural issues that farmers are facing. It is always important to be able to carry on a conversation and show that you are knowledgeable.

Burrus is a great company to work for if you are wanting to get a foot in the door in the seed industry, or expand your knowledge and experiences. It is rare to find a company who holds their values and morals so tightly. They do everything they can to ensure that every encounter with their company is nothing less than the best. If you want to be treated well, gain very valuable experience and knowledge then a Burrus internship is the way to go.

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