Saturday, June 25, 2016

Meet Hayden Swanson, Burrus Intern in Illinois

Hayden Swanson is from Galva, IL, which is a small town that is primarily an agricultural town, but does offer some industrial jobs. He will be transferring to Western Illinois University in the fall of 2016 as a Junior. Not only does he go to school and work as an intern, but he is also a volunteer fireman. Hayden also enjoyed participating on the soils judging team at Black Hawk East campus in the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016. 

From the years of working on the farm and enjoying the agricultural peers surrounding him, Hayden decided agriculture was his best career option. His father is a Burrus dealer and enjoys the company. A close, family friend also worked for Burrus and explained the internship program to Hayden. 

Excited was the only word he could use to describe his feeling when he received the call, considering he had just received the call after moving hay all day and was ready for another route in life to continue.  Hayden told me, “I’ve enjoyed my journey with the internship very much and have met a lot of wonderful people. I enjoy traveling from farm to farm and having good discussions with growers as well as future growers.” Working with Matt Montgomery and collecting agronomic knowledge has truly impacted Hayden. He also enjoys meeting farmers and getting their opinions and advice.  One of the things Hayden is amazed by is how large of a region Burrus covers!

 A positive relationship with Burrus and several growers, as well as some agronomic background, is something that has helped Hayden thrive as an intern.  In order to be more prepared for his internship, he wishes now that he would have attended more Burrus hosted events with his father to meet people as well as learn about the products sold. Hayden highly recommends this internship program because not only is it a great learning experience, but also an "eye opener" in the field of agriculture. 

Maggie Prather, Burrus Agronomy Intern

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