Friday, June 24, 2016

Meet Morgan McCormick, Burrus Intern in Missouri

When Morgan received her call about the Burrus internship, she immediately got excited. The first thing she did was run into the living room to tell her parents and boyfriend! Like any proud parent, her Dad was very excited for her new adventure. 

Morgan McCormick is from a small town in North Central Missouri called, Sumner and grew up on a farm about five miles outside of town. Sumner, Missouri is known for goose and duck hunting! In the park in Sumner, there is the World’s Largest Goose named Maxie. Sumner holds a festival every year called the Goose Festival.  Morgan goes to college at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri and is a hurdler on the Track and Field team. She is currently majoring in Agriculture Business, but is highly considering switching to Agronomy thanks to Dr. Matt Montgomery. 

Donny Marnin, Burrus Account Manager, was Morgan’s influence when asked why she was an Ag Business major and she hopes to one day to become a part of Burrus family. Donny would come to her family’s farm and help her dad with his seed. He was always willing to help and enjoyed his job! She always joked with him saying that all he does is drive around and talk to farmers. That is what Morgan wanted to do and now she’s living the dream! 

Morgan’s first couple of weeks at Burrus were very interesting. Rob Church, one of the Burrus Account managers that she is able to work with, had a lawn mowing accident, so she did a lot of sorting seed. The second week, Morgan was only able to work half days, because she was still running track and had practice. Morgan said to me, “I found myself more excited to go to work than go run at practice." Go figure! She would highly recommend the Burrus internship program to anyone! The “extras” that Burrus has given interns such as a truck and trailer as well as getting paid is a huge bonus. Everyone at Burrus is willing to help each other out. She believes that is what makes Burrus such a unique and great company. Lastly, Morgan hopes to learn and take away more information about the different corn hybrids, learn about the many different crop diseases, and how they affect the crop.

 Maggie Prather, Burrus Agronomy Intern

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