Sunday, July 17, 2016

Meet Brody Carls, Burrus Intern in Illinois

Brody Carls is a Burrus sales intern from Pana, Illinois located an hour south of Springfield Illinois in Christian County. Brody is currently a junior at Western Illinois University, majoring in Agricultural business and he is also a Leatherneck football player! Both Brody’s Dad and Mom's family farm, and their operations include both grain and livestock operations.  He has always known about Burrus Seed because a lot of his surrounding neighbors plant Burrus. 

Brody jumped at the chance to become a Burrus intern, especially when he saw there was an intern position open for the Northwestern part of the state. This allows him to get an awesome summer experience, but also continue football practices for the upcoming season. Brody holds family tradition close to his heart and was very intrigued by how Burrus was owned by a family who is able to work efficiently together. The fact that Burrus was a family owned business really made Brody’s decision to become an intern an easy one, Burrus was for him.  He could not wait to get started! Brody was eager to learn more about Burrus and he looks forward to  spending time with growers in Northwest Illinois.
Everyday Brody starts out by getting up at 4:45 am for football workouts and conditioning and then he reports to either of the three Burrus Account Managers, who have all been great!  These three gentlemen strive for quality service and have taught him to be there in the drop of the hat for a grower. 
“What I hope to take home from my Burrus experience is to learn more about corn evalution and actually see firsthand how the seed is treated, bagged, and shipped to the field.  I am also interested in the sales process as I've always been on the other end at the farm. I believe the Burrus family strives on success, have proud ownership in their name, and are determined to provide quality in their seed. They could have taken the easy way out and joined one of the "big companies" but have decided to stay local and keep it with the family. It is an honor to be a part of this seed business."
Maggie Prather, Burrus Agronomy Intern

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