Thursday, July 7, 2016

Meet Maggie Prather, Burrus Agronomic Intern

Maggie Prather is the first, official agronomy intern at Burrus! She comes from a town in Schuyler County called, Rushville. An interesting fact about her hometown is that they have a backwards drive through at Dairy Queen. This 20 year old spends a lot of her time at Western Illinois University where she studies agricultural sciences with an emphasis in agronomy. Not only does she spend most of her time studying weeds and diseases, she is also involved with a professional agricultural sorority, Sigma Alpha. But Maggie doesn’t stop there, she is also a member of Colligate Farm Bureau, Colligate FFA, Hoof and Horn, Agronomy Club and Ag Mech Club.

“Faith. Family. Farming. That is what I grew up on and it’s how I plan to live my life," says Maggie when asked why she decided to major in agronomy. She has been around agriculture all of her life and her father, Scott, had a huge impact on Maggie’s interest in agronomy. Maggie wants to be able to give back to the agricultural community and what better way to do that then to help solve problems in fields?

Not only has farming been a part of Maggie’s life, but so has Burrus! Growing up, Maggie has had nothing but that super sweet taste of Coons Choice! “I can remember going out to help Grandpa Prather pick sweet corn and then I would help Grandma Prather in the kitchen.”  Family is a big part of Maggie’s life so what better way to carry on the tradition of family than by joining a company that is family owned. “When I got the call asking if I wanted the agronomy intern position, my mouth dropped open and all I could say was really?!, because I was SO excited!" She then hurried and called everyone in her family to tell them the great news!

Maggie started work in April, and got the “behind the scenes” view when it comes to planning and planting agronomic, preview plots. She thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the action and loved how welcoming the Burrus employees were after she joined their team for the summer.  She loves to go out and be "hands on" and gets excited whenever she finds a genetic mutation in corn or a fungal disease. She laughs because most things she finds in fields farmers would cause others to cringe. But for Maggie, this is like Christmas morning!

“This is definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I can honestly say, I have never felt more at home when it comes to working here at Burrus. I have learned so much in the small amount of time from Stephanie Porter and Matt Montgomery.  I know I will be able to use my knowledge confidently when it comes to my future career as an agronomist. I strongly encourage all of my peers to pursue an internship with Burrus. It is a business with all the necessities a large company has to offer, but the most important feature is they know how to treat employees like family.”  

Maggie Prather, Burrus Agronomy Intern

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