Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sudden Death of Soybeans in 2016 and PS SDS (ILeVO®) to the Rescue

For the latest on Sudden Death Syndrome in 2016, check out these recent articles:

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Left) Power Plus® 39R5 Treated with PowerShield® and (Right) Power Plus® 39R5 treated with PS SDS (PowerShield® with ILeVO®) in Schmalshof soybean plot near Avon, IL

There are two Burrus soybean plots planted by the Schmalshof family near Avon, IL.  The earlier soybean plot that was planted on April 14th, 2016 has Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) disease pressure.  The later planted soybean plot, which was planted on May 20th, 2016 is not showing signs of disease at this time.  There are two soybean varieties with and with PS SDS (PowerShield® with ILeVO®) seed treatment.  Check out for yourself how the PS SDS seed treatment is protecting this soybean variety, Power Plus® 39R5, planted on the right, from SDS:  

    "Over the course of five years and 350 company and university field trials, ILeVO has shown an average yield gain of 4.6 bushels per acre. When SDS symptoms are light, the yield bump drops down to 2.9 bu./A and in severe pressure, it rises as high as 10 bu./A, according to a company presentation." - Emily Unglesbee, DTN Staff Reporter

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