Friday, October 7, 2016

How high can Hoblit 384LL yields go?

Picture sent by Donny Marnin, Account Manager, central Missouri
It has been exciting to receive updates from Account Manager Donny Marnin about the yields of the Hoblit 384LL soybean variety in central Missouri. This variety is a top seller not only for its performance, but also because of its maturity range.  Since a 3.8 maturity can be planted within such a large area, during the last several years we have tested and proven that the 384LL can yield in multiple soil types and in multiple environments within the Burrus territory. However, in the recent ILSOY advisor blog:  Sassy, Savvy, and Shrewd Soybean Selection for 2017, I mentioned that some soybean varieties have a sweet spot for certain areas, and the Hoblit 384LL thus far appears to really feel at home in Missouri.

This soybean is of average height with great standability and, of course, alot of pods!  It has a good disease package, but can respond to fungicides if conditions are favorable for leaf diseases during podfill.  Lastly, if you have had a history of SDS or are planting early, we would highly recommend the addition of PS SDS (ILeVO®) seed treatment with this variety.  To learn more about the Burrus LibertyLink® Line up, you can visit the Burrus Soybean Products Selection Guide.

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