Thursday, April 20, 2017

Burrus Footprint Planting Update (Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin) 4/20/17

A Burrus corn plot was planted at the McCormick farm near Sumner, MO

Planters are going like crazy.  Some growers are finished planting corn, but some have not started.  No soybeans have been planted yet.  If it does not rain this weekend, many could finish up planting corn. – Jordan Watson, Northeastern Missouri

At least 70% of the corn has been planted in my area.  By Saturday there could be only 25% left with corn planting done by Sunday.  Many may start planting soybeans next week.  The daytime soil temperature is around 75 F.  The planting conditions have been excellent. Numerous unidentified white grubs were found when planting a field. – Donny Marnin, Central Missouri

The southern portion of my territory is well into planting with some growers done.  The northern part of my territory is planting corn and soybeans.  All in all, I would say 60% of corn and 10% of soybeans have been planted! - Riley Young, Central Missouri

Throughout my territory, I would say 50% of the corn has been planted, but no soybeans planted as of yet.  There is rain in the forecast for the next few days, so farmers are pushing pretty hard to try and get that crop in the ground. – Colby Reilson, Southwestern Illinois

A lot of the farmers in Rochester, Springfield, and Greenview area were waiting for fields to dry up before they head out. Closer to Taylorville and New Berlin, the fields were ready to go. There was much more planted at this time last year.  – Jim Allen, Central Illinois

We've had quite a bit of rain over the last few weeks and fields have been wet. The work is really just getting started over the last few days. Lots of guys out spraying and working ground. Planters were going yesterday (Wednesday). – Jeff Seckler, North Central Illinois

Planting has not started, as of yet in my territory.  There is still major anhydrous to go on before planting. This is making some farmers a bit edgy.  It seems like we have been getting rain every 3 to 4 days for the whole month of April, equalling about 1-2 inches per week.  We need several days of dry weather to get things properly dried up. – Lance Brillion, Northeastern Illinois

Rain has been keeping guys from getting field work done.  Larger growers started planting on Sunday afternoon, but then rain stopped them on Tuesday morning.  So, there are very few acres planted and many are still trying to get anhydrous on. – Justin Parks, Northwestern Illinois

The ground is warming up nicely. A few farmers have started planting corn. There is still a lot of moisture in the ground, plus we had .88 inches of rain last night (Wednesday). Alfalfa is about 80% done. Mostly, farmers are putting down fertilizer and starting to turn dirt. – Brian Bredeson, Southwest Wisconsin

A few large growers tried to plant today in Southwest Wisconsin, but no one is in a hurry. The ground is not quite fit yet. If we missed the rain, there will be a few more going, but we got .75 inches of rain last night (Wednesday). – Tom Sandahl, Hughes Sales Manager

It is still very wet, but warmer temperatures have really warmed soils up, with some anhydrous going on. – Bob Wagner, Southcentral Wisconsin

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