Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall Evaluation of Soybeans

Over the past week, the Burrus agronomy team spent time evaluating soybean research plots.  These plots consist of our current soybean lineup alongside experimental soybean varieties.  The experimental soybeans have the potential to become part of our lineup in the future.  

Jamie Long, Sales Agronomist & Josh Gunther, Product Lead take notes on experimental soybean varieties near Centralia, MO.

This week, we evaluated the soybeans throughout Missouri, western Illinois, and north central Illinois.  These sites represent different growing conditions and soil types that can be found throughout our footprint.  The agronomists have evaluated the sites throughout the growing season taking ratings on height, width, appearance, and disease.  This week was spent getting a final evaluation of the plots prior to harvest. 

This week, we evaluated final lodging scores and overall appearance.  When evaluating overall appearance, we take into account the amount of green stems, signs of potential diseases present during the season, and height on the various soil types.  For example, in our irrigated plots, many experimental varieties were tall and lodged.  We can make note of the varieties that did stand well under high yielding conditions.  We also want to make sure that on stressed, tighter soils the varieties will have an adequate height to give growers the most yield.  

Josh Gunther & Chip Turner, Research Lead evaluate soybeans near Jacksonville, IL.

Throughout the winter months the agronomists, along with Burrus management, will meet and discuss observations from the growing season along with yield data to determine which products may be advanced to our future product lineup. 

We are excited to bring the experimental soybeans that have the best agronomics and yield potential across the Burrus footprint to your farm in the future!

by Jamie Long, Sales Agronomist

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