Monday, October 23, 2017

PowerShield® seed treatment just got better - again!

As we begin to treat our seed corn, we are upgrading our treatment package again.  The beauty of trademarking our PowerShield® label is that we can upgrade components as new and better options are developed, keeping it the best seed treatment available!  For instance, last year we made the decision to add ethaboxam to our seed corn treatment to battle pythium.  This year, replant was higher than normal, almost twice our 10-year average, and yet, we were over three times better than some major competitors.  Some have asked how and why?  We have better seed treatment and higher cold germinations.  The cold, wet weather in 2017 planting time separated the men from the boys on replant.

Since we moved to Poncho® 500 / VOTiVO®, we have yet to furnish replant for black cutworm, wireworm, or white grubs.  So why would we change our inputs?  Stewardship.  As you know, Burrus is a proponent of taking the best possible care of our environment.  With this in mind, we are now using Lumivia® insecticide.  Lumivia utilizes an active ingredient different than clothianidin which is the base chemistry in Cruiser® and Poncho® seed treatments.  Research has shown that Lumivia has minimal impact on the environment and beneficial insects and pollinators when used in accordance to the label.  Use of Lumivia enables us to preserve the efficacy of clothianidin while also being stewards of the environment.  For those with nematodes in their soil profile, we offer HP or high rate Poncho, treated seed with Poncho® 1250 / VOTiVO® for a $10 per unit upgrade.

Lumivia provides a new mode of action for corn.  It is fast acting against soil pests and systemically translocates upward protecting the seed, roots, and developing seedling stem and leaves.  Wireworms can feed on the young plants, roots, and seeds even at 29 days after emergence; Lumivia will protect plants up to 60 days after planting.  Lumivia has low to no impact on beneficial arthropods and pollinators and has an excellent environmental, ecological, and toxicological profile. 

Adding Lumivia is just another step Burrus is taking to make sure our growers are set-up for success.  You can trust that we are always willing to make the changes necessary to offer the very best products and services available.  If you have questions about our seed treatments and how they can help your bottom line, contact your BurrusAccount Manager

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