Friday, May 4, 2018

Percent Corn and Soybeans Planted in Burrus Footprint - 5/4/18

It is amazing how much planting can get done in a week; however, we still have some more work to accomplish, especially with soybeans.  About half of the Burrus territory appears to be finished or very, close to being done with corn planting.  Soybeans appear to only be about half planted.  This recent rain gave most, but not all of the Burrus footprint, a rest. Many are starting to be able to row corn and soybeans this week.  No worries as of yet, we still have time to finish planting before mid-May without losing yield potential.  The planting date only accounts for about 11 percent of total yield potential of corn.

Some have commented recently that the April 21st planted corn (and soybeans) emerged quicker than corn planted on April 13th.  This has everything to do with Growing degree days (GDDs) or heat units.  It takes approximately 100-120 GDD's for corn to emerge and soybeans can emerge with 90 GDD's.  The 8 days between the April 13th and April 21st planting date only differed around 50 GDD's in Springfield IL and Chillicothe, MO.  In DeKalb, IL, there was only around 10 GDD difference!  Sorry, Southern Illinois, I was not able to find a good example of total recorded GDD's for you.

Planting date GDDs to date 8 day Difference
Springfield, IL 4/13/2018 224  
  4/21/2018 176 48
Chillicothe, MO 4/13/2018 221  
  4/21/2018 177 44
DeKalb, IL 4/13/2018 150  
  4/21/2018 139 11

Percent corn planted as of 5/4/18

Percent soybeans planted as of 5/4/18